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Switch to St.George - FAQs

  1.  How do I switch my banking to St.George?

    St.George makes it easy to switch your banking to us with our Easy Switch online service. Once you've opened your new St.George account, we'll help you with everything you need to get your new account organised, such as transferring your salary payments to your new account as well as changing your direct debit details.

  2.  How do I get my salary credited into my St.George account?

    Simply download and fill out a Salary Transfer Request and provide this to your employer.

  3.  How do I transfer my direct debit payment arrangements I have for my phone and other services to my new St.George account?

    Transfer any existing payment arrangements to service providers you have in place with your existing bank. See our easy steps and helpful forms to getting your St.George account up and running. Once your account is active, you can also make payment arrangements to your service providers through Internet Banking.

  4.  When switching my bank accounts to St.George, who will I need to inform?

    You'll need to inform any company or organisation you make regular automatic payments to, like your phone bill or insurance. You should also advise companies from which you receive regular payments, like share dividends or rental income. We can provide you with request forms to make the switch. Learn more about switching to St.George.

  5.  How do I find out my new BSB and account number?

    State BSB
    NSW & ACT 112-879
    VIC 113-879
    QLD 114-879
    WA 116-879

    When you open a new account with St.George, you will receive a notification of your new BSB (six digit number) and account number.


Account Switching - FAQs

  1.  Why are there two different processes for switching automatic payments from an account at one bank to an account at another bank or Service Provider?

    When the account is a personal transaction or savings account the Government has requested financial institutions and Service Providers (like your phone provider) who use the direct entry system to all work with the same "Switching" process. As we want to help you with all your other account types (ie: business accounts and credit cards etc) we have provided a second process to assist you to switch to St.George Bank.

  2.  What information do I need to be able transfer my direct credits and debits to another bank account?

    Almost all the information you require is on the Regular Payment List with the exception, in some cases, of a customer identifier used by your service provider to identify you as their customer and your account numbers. If your customer identifier provided to you by your Service Provider is not included on the Regular Payment List then you will have to obtain your customer identifier from paperwork your Service Provider has sent you or call the Service Provider directly to ask them for it.

    Note: You can request a Regular Payment List from your old bank via the Request for a Regular Payments List form on the Switch to St.George Bank internet page.

  3.  What is a direct entry transaction?

    A direct entry transaction is a credit (eg: Dividend, Salary or Rental payment etc) or debit (eg: phone bill or gym membership etc) that is processed directly to a savings or transaction account.

    Note: If you have provided your Debit MasterCard or Visa Debit card number to your Service provider, this transaction is known as a Recurring Payment as it uses a card number linked to scheme provider such as Visa or Mastercard. While the transaction will appear on your savings or transaction account statement, it is not included on your Regular Payment List and it is not included in the Account Switching process.

  4.  Why should I use the switching process?

    The switching process allows you to make all the changes you require to the direct debits and credits being processed to your account, without having to go directly to all your service providers. However, if you would prefer, you can still contact your service providers directly to make these changes.

  5.  Do I have to request a Regular Payment List?

    No, if you know all information that is required on the Notice of Variation of Account Details form you can just complete the form and submit it straight away.

  6.  What if I want to make the changes myself, but I do not know all of the Service Providers processing transactions to my account?

    You can choose to only request a Regular Payment List to get the information you need to contact your Service Providers directly. You do not have to continue the process by completing a Notice of Variation of Account Details form or a Direct Debit Cancellation Request form.

  7.  What do I do if I have completed a Direct Debit Cancellation Request form and it is not actioned by my Service Provider?

    In this circumstance you should contact your service provider to resolve the issue with them. If you believe that there is no contract in place allowing them to make transactions to your account you will need to follow their complaint handling process to seek a resolution to your request.

  8.  What happens if I have regular debits or credits from an international service provider (ie: an overseas pension)?

    These organisations do not follow the same processes we have in Australia for switching direct credits and debits between bank accounts. You will need to contact these service providers directly.

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