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Our Values

Living the Values Model


We need to be

We need to avoid


We delight our customer by deeply
understanding and exceeding expectations

  • Putting the customer at the centre of everything you do
  • Growing with and deeply understanding our customers throughout their lives; helping our customers to grow their wealth, so that we grow with them
  • Going the extra mile and exceeding customers' expectations
  • Getting bogged down in distractions which create no value for our customers or which distract us from our relationships with customers
  • Missing opportunities to help our customers to grow their wealth; focusing on just one product/service for customers
  • Accepting excuses or blaming circumstances about why Westpac cannot exceed customers' expectations


We work together respectfully to deliver the best
outcomes for our customers and the organisation

  • Collaborating to ensure the best outcomes for the customer
  • Valuing the strengths and differences of our brands; collaborating across our brands to beat the competition
  • Seeking out and embracing diversity in our people and communities; sensitivity to bring out the best in others
  • Missing opportunities to collaborate so that we can do the right thing by the customer
  • Focusing solely on what is happening within your own brand / division / team; ignoring opportunities to create value with other brands
  • Excluding people who are different to ourselves; in our work teams, our customer base or the communities that we serve


We are each accountable for our actions,
our honesty and doing the right thing

  • Doing the right thing by our customers, employees, communities, shareholders and regulators
  • Recognising our role in fostering economic development — being proud of our positive contribution to the communities we serve
  • Looking after our customers' best interests
  • Breaking rules, ethics or laws — our own, regulators or governing bodies
  • Missing opportunities to call out our strengths or the positive contribution we make to the groups that we serve
  • Providing advice to our customers which does not serve their best interests


We have the courage to think boldly and
find new ways of doing things

  • Actively seeking out new ideas (inside the Group and outside) and finding better ways of doing things
  • Showing resilience and tenacity to advocate new ways of doing things; "confidently speaking out" your views and ideas
  • Getting things done with speed, conviction and agility
  • Missing opportunities to improve because it's too hard to fix things
  • Missing opportunities to "speak out" and advocate for the truth, such as backing away from "calling out" improvements to systems or backing away from honest feedback to others
  • Giving up on the outcome at the first sign of failure; not trying any more


We pursue personal, team
and business excellence

  • Comparing ourselves to the highest standards and always delivering your best
  • Taking accountability and not accepting excuses
  • Seizing opportunities to take action and achieve results
  • Accepting the way things have always been done; getting stuck in mediocrity e.g. "we've tried it before, it probably won't work"
  • Giving up — due to setbacks or things outside of your control; creating excuses or accepting failure as an outcome
  • Missing opportunities to create new business results; keep doing what we did yesterday

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