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Security Tools

How to protect yourself

St.George Security Tools

Constant protection from computer viruses, malware and other external threats requires continuous vigilance. To view examples of these threats, visit our scams page.

This means regularly scanning your computer operating and security software are up to date.

To help maintain your online protection, St.George Security Tools is a simple 2 step process incorporating a system check and virus scan, designed to help increase your online protection.

St.George Internet Banking also offers SMS and Email alerts to help you proactively monitor your accounts. To find out how this works visit SMS and Emails Alerts.

Step 1 - System check

To help maintain your online protection and improve your browsing experience, the system check is a St.George tool which will perform a diagnosis of your system settings. The check will be performed based on:

  • Your version of browser and operating system
  • Your JavaScript, screen resolution and cookie settings

Please note: St.George will not compromise privacy or retain any record of your data during the system check.

Before performing the System check please clear cache and cookies, we recommend you clear your cookie and cache on a regular basis.

For further instructions, visit the following sites:

Internet Explorer

Mozilla Firefox

Google Chrome

Clear Cache

Clear Cache

Clear Cache

Clear cookies

Clear cookies

Clear cookies

Have a System check question?

Check out our System check FAQs

Step 2 - Virus scan

We've partnered with Bitdefender - a leading online security company - to offer a free online scan aimed at detecting any virus or system threats from your computer.

  • It's quick to run - takes just 60 seconds
  • Requires no software to download
  • Does not compromise privacy or retain any record of your data.

Download a Bitdefender Quickscan widget for your website

Please note: If you're operating within a corporate environment behind an enterprise firewall, the Bitdefender scan may not function correctly. It's probably wise to check with your system administrator before running the Bitdefender program.

Have a QuickScan question?

Call BitDefender support on 1300 954 574 (24 hour service) or view our Bitdefender FAQs for more information.

Other 3rd party security software could also be considered. The links below are provided for convenience and do not represent endorsement by St.George.

Online virus scanners

Security software

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