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Extra bonus interest on an Incentive Saver account

Incentive Saver is a savings account designed to reward those who save monthly, and make no withdrawals. You can learn more about our Incentive Saver account, and the current applicable rates below.

For a limited time, receive an additional fixed 0.20% p.a. bonus interest for 6 months1 on your Incentive Saver account (on top of the current 1.20% p.a. variable bonus rate) each month you qualify for bonus interest when you rename your Incentive Saver account ‘Wedding’ in St.George Internet Banking2. We’ll start applying the additional rate on top of the current variable bonus interest rate applicable on your account within 45 days of you renaming your Incentive Saver account. Check out the steps below to find out how.

Rename your existing account now or open an account using the button below.


Why choose an Incentive Saver account?

Save monthly, don't withdraw and we'll reward your dedication

At least once a month
and don't withdraw
up to reward interest rate

How to rename your Incentive Saver account


1. Tap on the Customise my accounts button on the home screen.
2. Select your Incentive Saver account and give it the alias Wedding. Click Save.



1. Tap on the Services menu from the home screen.
2. Scroll to My Accounts.
3. Select Rename and sort accounts.
4. Select your Incentive Saver account and rename it as Wedding. Click Confirm.


Important information

Incentive Saver offer

1. Additional bonus interest offer: Additional fixed 0.20% p.a. bonus interest is only payable each month that you make a deposit to your Incentive Saver account; make no withdrawals from your account; and keep the account balance above $0. The additional bonus interest offer is a limited offer and will apply in addition to the current applicable Incentive Saver bonus variable rate each month for 6 months provided you meet the bonus interest eligibility criteria; the rate will then revert to the current applicable Incentive Saver bonus variable rate only.

2. Offer is available on Incentive Saver accounts named Wedding as at 19 February 2018, or renamed Wedding in St.George Internet Banking between 19 February 2018 and 20 June 2018  (“promotional period”), with no spelling variations of ‘Wedding’ or additional words in the account name. The name of  your Incentive Saver account must remain Wedding until 31 August 2018. The additional bonus interest offer will be applied to eligible accounts within 45 days of 19 February 2018 for accounts named Wedding on that date; or otherwise, within 45 days of the account being renamed to Wedding.

This information does not take into account your personal circumstances. Read the terms and conditions (PDF 797KB) before making a decision and consider whether the product is appropriate for you.