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Business Credit Cards

A business credit card gives you and your staff the freedom to make business purchases online or on the road. Talk to us about a solution that could make life easier for you, your staff and suppliers.

Low rate on purchases
Competitive interest rates
55 days interest free

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Business credit cards FAQs

  1.  What are the features of the BusinessVantage Visa Credit Card?

    The BusinessVantage Visa Credit Card provides financial support for any growing business. Its range of features includes:

    1.$0 Annual fee when you combine your card with an eligible St.George home loan or Portfolio Loan as part of a Business Owners’ Loan Package2

    2.Up to 55 days interest-free on purchases When you pay the closing balance (including any balance transfer amount) by the statement due date each month

    3.Monthly statements

    4.Expense reporting

  2.  What are the benefits of the BusinessVantage Visa Credit Card?

    The BusinessVantage Visa Card is ideal for:

    1.A credit card solely dedicated to business purchases

    2.Covering short term cash flow

    3.Separating business and personal expenses

    4.Maintaining visibility of business spending with detailed monthly accounts

    5.Reducing administration time by avoiding cheque books.

You might also find these credit card FAQs useful:

Important information

Fees, charges and credit criteria apply. Before making a decision, it’s best to read the terms and conditions, which are available at request or on our website.

The information on our website is prepared without knowing your personal financial circumstances. Before you act on this, please consider if it’s right for you.

1 Legal and taxation advice services are not provided by St.George. Advice is available by email only and provided by Legal Access Service Pty Ltd ABN 89 089 055 685. A maximum of 3 contacts can be made in relation to any one issue. After the third contact you may choose to engage the legal or accounting adviser at your cost. Legal Access Services (LAS) is an independent service provider, not a law firm, nor owned by St.George. The provision of the legal advice and information services are supported by independent panel of law firms, who do so on behalf of LAS. St.George accepts no responsibility for any advice provided by these independent law firms. The free online tax and legal advice is subject to the Service Level Statement and Terms and Conditions available on the LAS website.

2 The Business Owners’ Loan Package is available to businesses that hold an eligible St.George home loan or Portfolio Loan and a BusinessVantage Visa Credit Card. The annual fee is waived on up to three cards per facility.