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Managing a
Deceased Estate

When you’ve lost a loved one, all the things that need to be done can seem overwhelming. Here's a step-by-step guide to help you manage things as smoothly and easily as possible.

Step 1: Gather essential documents

When someone passes away, you’ll need these documents to proceed with the funeral and administration of the estate

Step 2: Locating the Will  

A signed and witnessed original version of the Will is essential to appointing representatives to act on behalf of the estate. If there is no Will, then there is an alternative process.

Step 3: Funeral arrangements and registering the death

Planning a funeral can put additional financial stress on the family. We might be able to help with releasing funds from the estate for some funeral expenses.

Step 4: Notifying us and other organisations 

There are a number of organisations and people that need to be notified of the deceased's passing. We will help you understand who should be notified at this time.

Step 5: Identifying yourself & important documentation

If you are not an existing St.George customer and you are a representative of the deceased dealing with the estate, you will need to be identified before proceeding.

Step 6: The Estate and important considerations

Every case is different, but administration of the deceased estate can be complex. It has the potential to involve a number of accounts that we’ll locate and notify you of.

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