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What are eStatements?

St.George eStatements are an electronic version of your account’s bank statement. They hold the same information as your paper statements. They’re easily accessible through your St.George App and Internet Banking making them the paperless and secure way to bank. 


Why change?

More secure
Protect yourself and lower your risk of identity theft by receiving statements securely within Mobile and Internet Banking. No more lost paper bank statements.
Anywhere, anytime you need your eStatements, you can see them in Mobile and Internet Banking. You can also save and print them if you need to do that.
Less mess
Store eStatements neatly online instead of all over the kitchen bench. Locate and find what you need when you need it through St.George App or Internet Banking.

Extra benefits of eStatements

  • Updated with your latest transactions

    30, 60 and 90-day transaction reports always available with your latest transactions.

  • Helpful for Tax time

    Easily provide eStatements to accountants and 3rd parties when they need them.

  • Access for seven years

    View up to seven years of statement history through your St.George App or Internet Banking.

  • Never miss out

    Opt in for eStatements and never miss out. We’ll email you every time your statement’s ready.

How to switch to eStatements?

Mobile Banking

Step 1. Logon to Mobile Banking.

Step 2. Tap Services at the base of your screen.

Step 3. Tap Manage eStatements under My Statements and Mail.

Step 4. Tap the envelope icon to switch your eligible accounts to eStatements.

Step 5. Tap Agree.

Internet Banking

Step 1. Logon to Internet Banking.

Step 2. Select Manage my accounts from the left-hand navigation menu.

Step 3. Select Manage eStatements.

Step 4. Change your statement preference to eStatement.

Step 5. Click Agree.

Switched to Digital Mail yet?

If you haven't already, you can switch to Digital Mail. You'll receive account letters and communications paper free, faster, and more securely, protecting yourself against identity and mail theft.

Download the St.George App




Mobile Banking

Step 1. Logon to Mobile Banking

Step 2. Select account

Step 3. Select statements along the top navigation

Internet Banking

Step 1. Logon to Internet Banking

Step 2. Select the account

Step 3. Select View eStatements