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Getting started

How do I start trading with St.George Directshares?

You will need to have an eligible St.George, Bank of Melbourne or BankSA bank account to open a Directshares account. You can then open a trading account by taking a few minutes to fill in an application form online. Most applicants can be identified online and will not need to send in any paperwork.


Once I complete my application, when can I start trading?

When we’ve confirmed your ID or you are electronically identified, we’ll process your application and open your trading account. This process is usually completed within 1-4 days. You can then begin trading immediately (you’ll need funds and/or shares in your trading account in order to place orders).


I have forgotten my login details. What should I do?

Please contact us on 1300 133 500 or +61289164100 (if you're overseas) 8am to 8pm (AEST).


I can't remember my login / password?

Click here or call 1300 133 500.


How much is brokerage with St.George Directshares?

Brokerage starts from $19.95. Click here for a detailed rates and fees schedule.


Funding, withdrawals and transferring shares

How do I pay for my Shares?

You will need to have sufficient funds in your eligible bank account to cover the trade.  Alternatively you may be able to fund your trades using a St.George Margin loan.  For more information click here.


Can I borrow funds to trade shares on my St.George Directshares account?

Margin loans can be used to fund your Directshares account. For investors who have determined a margin loan is suitable for their needs, margin loans can be obtained from St.George for qualifying investors. For more information click here.


How do I transfer shares held with another broker to my St.George Directshares account?

To transfer holdings held with another broker, please complete the Transfer CHESS Holdings form.


How do I transfer in Issuer Sponsored Holdings to my St.George Directshares account?

You will need your Shareholder Reference Number (SRN), which is located on your holding statement. Your details (such as your name and address) on your holding statement will need to match your account details exactly.

You can transfer your issuer sponsored holdings online or by completing the Issuer Sponsorship Transfer Form.


Platform features

What can I trade on my St.George Directshares account?

Access to a wide range of investments including Australian shares, International Shares, Exchange Traded Funds, Options and Warrants

For more information click here.


Can I do a one-off sale of shares through St.George Directshares?

Unfortunately we do not currently offer this service.


Can I trade options using my Directshares account?

Yes, St.George Directshares offers options which will give customers the flexibility and potential to protect, grow or diversify their portfolio.


Can I trade International Shares on my Directshares account?

Your St.George Directshares account will give you access to trade on 11 international share markets, and also offer 24hr customer support to cover all international market hours. 


Can I trade Warrants using my Directshares Account?

Yes, the platform offers warrants listed on both the ASX and Chi-X exchanges.


What research is available on the Directshares platform?

Both the Directshares Standard and Directshares Pro platforms give you access to Morningstar research, ASX announcements as well as a news feed. The news feed on the Standard platform is sourced from the Dow Jones; on the Pro platform the feed is provided by Reuters News. Both platforms also give you complimentary access to theScreener. TheScreener processes equities data worldwide, tapping into the research of analysts and comparing their views to historic data, charts, risk profiles and much more.


What are the differences between the St.George Directshares Standard and St.George Directshares Pro platform?

The Pro platform has been built for traders looking for a dynamic, customisable trading experience and will be best suited to frequent traders and those who have used a pro style of trading platform in the past. The Standard platform is a simpler, yet still very content-rich platform which will suit all levels of investor. The main differences include:

  • The Pro platform includes real time streaming data
  • The Pro platform includes Morningstar’s Quantitative Equity Research reports, while the standard platform includes Morningstar’s fundamental data
  • The Pro platform includes a Reuters news feed, while the standard platform includes a Dow Jones news feed
  • The Pro platform includes our custom-built charting package with over 90 indicators and 30 drawing tools, while the standard platform includes our more basic charting package


How much does the St.George Directshares Pro platform cost?

The base monthly fee to access the Pro platform is $49. Customers who trade 5 or more times in the preceding month will have this fee waived in its entirety. Note: If you don't log into Directshares Pro in any calendar month, you don't pay anything. We'll maintain all your preferences.


What is a Margin Loan?

You can link your Directshares account to a margin loan, which lets you borrow money to invest in shares. This is also known as gearing. Just like investing in property where the loan is secured against the property, your margin loan is secured against your shares. A margin loan gives you more to invest, and you have the potential for bigger returns, however you also have the potential for bigger losses and there are other also risks you should be aware of. For more information click here.


Navigating the platform

Why are charts not loading when I click on the charts icon?

This could be due to your browser blocking pop-ups, please enable pop-ups through your browser’s settings (See Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Explorer). If you are still experiencing issues, please contact us on 1300 133 500.


How can I find / download my trading statements?

  1. Log in to either the Directshares Standard or Directshares Pro platforms
  2. Under the Account drop down menu, click on statements
  3. Select 'Trading Account Statement'
  4. Select the date range
  5. Click on either view or download*


How can I view or download my buy / sell confirmations?

  1. Log in to either the Directshares Standard or Directshares Pro platforms
  2. Under the Account drop down menu, click on confirmations
  3. Select the time frame from the drop down menu
  4. Choose the file format you wish to download from the 'Download' drop down menu
  5. Click download


How many watchlists can I set up?

You can create an unlimited number of watchlists for your Directshares account, with up to 200 stocks per watchlist.


Can I set up alerts on my Directshares account?

Yes, the Directshares platform allows you to set up alerts that can be delivered to you across a few different medians. For example, your alerts could be delivered by SMS, email and ‘in platform’ (under Messages). You will have the option of choosing to use all delivery methods for each alert. There is no cost for setting up alerts.


Where can I find my Profit and Loss information?

After logging into the platform, hover on Account, then Profit and Loss. This will display the information based on trades placed on the old and new platform. You can also edit the units held and Net Average Price if you need to.  Margin Lending accounts will not display profit and loss for trades placed on the previous Directshares platform (prior to 9 July 2018). Customers can calculate their own profit and loss information by using the contract note information on the Confirmations page (Account > Confirmations).


Where can I find my trading history?

For the Directshares Standard platform:

You can find your trading history in the ‘Account’ dropdown menu on the Directshares Standard platform. Simply, hover over ‘Account’ in the top toolbar and select ‘Confirmations’. Once you are on this page, you will be able to filter your search by time frames or trade type.  

For the Directshares Pro platform:

You can find your trading history in the ‘Account’ dropdown menu on the Directshares Pro platform. Simply, hover over ‘Account’ in the top toolbar and select ‘Equity Confirmations’. Once you are on this page, you will be able to filter your search by timeframes or trade type.

For more detailed instructions, please refer to the relevant platform quick guide by clicking here


My holdings

What are Issuer Sponsored Holdings?

Issuer Sponsored holdings are shares managed directly through the Issuer's registry. They may have been:

  • purchased in an IPO (new issue),
  • allocated by your company (e.g. as part of an employee share plan), or
  • acquired through a demutualisation, or converted from Broker Sponsorship.


What is CHESS?

CHESS means the Clearing House Electronic Sub-register System, operated by ASX Settlement.


What are Chess Holdings?

CHESS Holding means the Client’s holding of one or more financial products in CHESS which holding is identified by a HIN which the Client has provided to the Broker or which is notified in writing by the Broker to the Client after this Agreement commences.


What is a HIN?

A Holder Identification Number ("HIN") is similar to a bank account number and is allocated to anyone with shares on the CHESS subregister. Each broker has a unique HIN for each customer.

If you transfer all of your broker sponsored CHESS holdings to us at the time of opening your account, you retain the HIN allocated by CHESS and this will be transferred from your existing broker.

If you transfer only some of your broker sponsored holdings, CHESS creates a new holder and you are allocated a new HIN for the securities transferred.


How do I found out what my HIN is?

For the Directshares Standard platform:

  1. Log in to the platform
  2. From the Account menu, click on Account Information
  3. Click on the account number
  4. Your HIN will be listed under the CHESS Registration panel

For the Directshares Pro platform:

  1. Log in to the platform
  2. Click on the ‘i’ icon located in the top right-hand corner of the screen and next to your name and account number
  3. This will bring up the Account Detail window and your HIN will be listed under your cash account number


Where can I find my dividend statements?

Dividend statements are issued by the share registry for that stock. You should be able to log in and download Dividend Statements through through the different share registries.


I need to contact the registry for my shares, how do I know which registry to contact?

 You can find out from the Company directory page on the ASX website, using the follow the following steps:

  1. Enter the stock code in the search bar located at the top of the page.
  2. In the Results box, click on the company name.
  3. On the company page, scroll down towards the bottom to find the “Share registry” heading.


How do I update my dividend instructions?

Contact us on 1300 133 500.


Making changes to your account

How do I change my contact details for my account? 

You can change your address from within the standard trading platform. Select 'Personal details' from the 'Settings' (cog icon) menu in the top left hand corner of the platform, and follow the prompts.

Alternatively you can use our Change of Details Form. This form needs to be signed by all account holders and returned using the below details:

Fax: 02 9221 9365
Post: GPO Box 5351, Sydney NSW 2001


How can I close my account?

If you would like to close your Directshares account, please log into the Directshares web platform or mobile app and navigate to:

Platform: Select ⚙️ Settings> Personal Details> Select ‘Request Account Closure' button 

Mobile App: Select 'next' to the account number you want to close> Select ‘Request Account Closure’ button

If you're having trouble placing an account closure request, please email our client services team via

An account closure request can be submitted by an account owner when the following criteria are met:

  • There are no open positions (Trades/Options) held on the account - please cancel or wait until trades/options are settled.
  • There are no pending settlements present on the account - please wait until orders are settled.
  • There are no Mfund (Managed Fund) units held on the account - please sell your Mfund units or make a request with your preferred broker to initiate a transfer of those holdings to that broker.
  • There are no international stocks (non-AU holdings) present on the account - please sell your international stocks or make a request with your preferred broker to initiate a transfer of those holdings to that broker.

If you close your account, we will not delete the user data or personal information we have collected about you in association with your account. All personal information will be retained in accordance with our Privacy Statements. To view our data retention practices please view our Privacy Statements here.

Please note
  1. The above instructions are for submitting an account closure request only. Your account will not be closed until St. George Directshares has accepted and processed the request. For faster processing, please ensure your account has no shares or holdings before placing this request. It is also recommended that relevant account and trading statements are downloaded before placing a closure request. You will be notified via email once your account is closed.
  2. This request will not close your linked cash account. If you would like to close your linked cash account, you can do this by contacting your bank:
St.George 13 33 30
Bank of Melbourne 13 22 66
BankSA 13 13 76


I no longer want to be on the Directshares Pro Platform, what do I do?

Please contact us on 1300 133 500 for more information.

Note: If you don't log into directshares Pro in any calendar month, you don't pay anything. We'll maintain all your preferences.


Mobile App

Can I use the Directshares Mobile App on a tablet device?

Yes. For Android users, the mobile app is optimised for tablets. For iOS users there is a dedicated iPad App that you can download from the App Store.


What Operating System does the Directshares Mobile App support?

For Apple devices we support iOS 15.6 and above. For Android, the minimum OS version is 7.0 and above.


How do I login with my Fingerprint or Face ID?

If enabled on your phone there will be a prompt to set Biometrics on your first login. You can also enable this feature at any time by tapping on the ‘More’ menu and then ‘Settings and Security.’


You must not enable Fingerprint of Face ID login where another person’s fingerprints/Face ID are registered on your mobile device as they will be able to access your trading account and you will be responsible if they place any orders using the app. You can turn this feature off at any time via ‘Settings and Security.’


I subscribed to dynamic data how do I enable this on the Mobile App?

You can manage your Dynamic (Streaming)/Live (click to refresh) data settings via the web platform. Once setup, your preference will automatically flow through to your mobile app.


Can I see Market Depth on the App?

Yes. Full Market Depth is available on the mobile Stock Summary pages for ASX stocks and within the Order Ticket. Data refresh rate depends on the market data package you have chosen, i.e. Dynamic or Click to Refresh.


Can I log into my desktop platform and the Mobile App at the same time?

Yes. You can login to your Desktop and Mobile App at the same time.


Can I access advanced charts using the Mobile App?

Yes. We have integrated TradingViews © advanced charts into our mobile and iPad apps. Choose from nine different chart types and over 100 technical indicators and drawing tools.



Important information

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