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Streamline and simplify your payables processing with PaymentsPlus

PaymentsPlus is a simple Internet-based solution that allows you to manage all your payables needs, in a fast, efficient and secure way.

From choosing your payment methods, customising your reports and online remittances, to tracking the status of your payments online, PaymentsPlus gives you the flexibility to choose from a large range of features to meet your business needs.

Flexibility to choose the features that suit your business

  • Enjoy the flexibility to pay your suppliers, employees and other third parties via multiple payment channels
  • Approve your invoices online prior to payments being processed
  • Track and trace your file and individual transaction statuses for greater monitoring of your business spend
  • Customise your reports and online remittances
  • Deliver online remittances to your suppliers via PaymentsPlus or use the standard email, paper or fax remittances
  • Simplify your reconciliation process with advanced search and reporting capabilities
  • Lower your support costs by giving your suppliers access to view all the invoice information they need via PaymentsPlus

Greater transparency for your suppliers

With PaymentsPlus you can give your suppliers access to:

  • View when approved invoices or payments are due
  • View when payments are actually made and into which account
  • Access their remittances on-line
  • Download information and reports for easy accounts reconciliation purposes and cash flow forecasting

How it works

  • Establish your PaymentsPlus facility
  • Submit your approved payments online. PaymentsPlus gives you the option to notify your recipients that the payments due to them have been approved.  PaymentsPlus also provides them with a secure link to view these payments online
  • Your recipients are paid at maturity according to an elected payment method. They will then receive corresponding remittances via your/their chosen channel (online, mail, email or fax)
  • Track and trace the status of your payables and simplify the reconciliation and forecasting of your payables with PaymentsPlus all-inclusive search and reporting capabilities.

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