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If you were on a COVID-19 credit card support package and your repayment pause is coming to an end, you’ll now need to start making repayments again. To help simplify the process, we’ve set out the steps for you below.

How to view your repayment details

If you already receive your statements digitally as ‘eStatements’, you can find your repayment details in just a few steps online:

Via Internet Banking:

  1. Log on and go to ‘My Accounts’.
  2. Select the relevant credit card account and click ‘View eStatements’.
  3. Search the date of the statement you’d like to view.
  4. Click ‘Download PDF’ to see your eStatement for that month.

Via the St.George App:

  1. Sign in and select the relevant credit card account.
  2. Go to the ‘Statements’ tab, then search the date of the statement you’d like to view.
  3. Tap the relevant statement to download it

Need to opt in to view your eStatements?

You can do this in a few simple steps via Internet Banking. To help, we’ve put together a simple guide.

Learn how

Need to register for Internet Banking?

To access your eStatements, you’ll need to register for Internet Banking first. It’s the convenient, secure way to manage your account wherever and whenever you need to.

Register now

Recommencing your repayments

Check your current statement for your next repayment due date and amount. You’ll then have several options to pay:

Paying by direct debit

If you previously made repayments by direct debit, these will restart automatically. Unless you wish to update your direct debit settings, there’s nothing you need to do.

If you cancelled your direct debit, you’ll need to make your first repayment manually by transferring funds or using BPAY (make sure you allow enough time for the payment to be processed before the due date). After that, you can set up a new direct debit for any subsequent repayments.

Making manual repayments

If you usually transfer funds or use BPAY to make your credit card repayments, you can resume this as normal. Remember to allow enough time for the payment to be processed before the due date.


Getting back to basics

Reduce financial stress, make your repayments more manageable and potentially reduce the costs.

Find out more