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Starting a business: 3 tips to get it right

The 3 key things you have to get right when launching a new business idea. No matter what your business idea looks like, getting the basics right is critical to the success of your new business. Many times forgotten, these are the 3 things all business owners need to constantly remind themselves of.

In this video, 2019 Kick Start winners share the must-haves to get a new business idea off the ground.

Adapt your business model

Adjust until you find your optimal business model. Most new business ideas evolve, adapt or change. Business owners need to have an open mind and make timely adjustments to optimise their business models to avoid failure.

In this video, 2019 Kick Start winners share how they have adapted to succeed.

A roadmap from idea to action

Learn the core steps required to take an idea to reality. A roadmap is a tangible reference to get you started and keep you on track to reach your goals. It is a tool that guides your exploration and the development of your ideas through validation and into reality.

In this video, Maja Enander, Director of Westpac CoLab shares insights around how to bring an idea into action.

Pitch Perfection

Learn the pitching skills that inspire confidence. To successfully bring an idea to life you must be prepared to talk about it. Being able to confidently discuss your idea is what’s going capture the minds of an audience and inspire them to engage.  

In this video, Sarah Murray, Head of Innovation Ventures for Westpac NEXT shares tips and tricks to effective pitching.

Alternative funding models for you new idea

Discover all the ways you can fund your ideas for growth. Learn about the types of funding options available to finance your ideas. Look beyond traditional institutions and explore models like crowdfunding, gaining the knowledge to find the model that suits your big idea.

In this video, Lauren Capelin, Head of Venture Community, Reinventure, explains how different funding lines are suitable for different needs.

Succeed in a changing environment

Whether it be technological advances, new regulations or changing customer needs, there are many trends that can affect your business at any point in time. In fact, many of these are probably affecting your business now.

In this video, listen to successful Australian businesses discuss how they identify new opportunities by embracing competition and criticism.

Resilience and learning from failure

Running a successful business in Australia is not easy. It is a long and hard road. If business owners are to drive growth they need to be resilient and embrace failure as a natural part of the journey. There is no right or wrong way when unpacking an idea and turning it into a success. In this podcast, listen to successful Australian business owners discuss how they research, collaborate and adjust to challenges when turning their business ideas into reality.

Moving business ideas forward

The end game is often clear for many business owners. However, what often is not clear is the path that you need to take to become a success. There is no right or wrong way when unpacking an idea and turning it into a success. Listen to successful Australian business owners discuss how they research, collaborate and adjust to challenges when turning their business ideas into reality.

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