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Different payment methods for your business

Gone are the days when setting up a payment solution was a costly and painful exercise. Now there are a range of options that are a breeze to implement and run.

Different businesses need different solutions. Run a brick and mortar shop? One terminal permanently connected should do the trick. Operate online only? An online terminal connected to your website is perfect. Move around as a contractor? Mobile terminal can do the job.

Understanding customer preferences and designing your business operations in response can really help increase the quality of communications you have with customers and reduce churn.

How payments can affect customer experience:

The experience that shoppers have in your store can vary from good to bad to somewhere in between. Provide a good experience and they’re more likely to make a purchase; provide a bad one and you’ll probably never see them again. Believe it or not, your choice of payment gateway, and how that gateway and its options are presented in your store, can have a big impact on the experience of your shoppers.

Here we outline the best options:

EFTPOS Machines:

  • Most familiar option.
  • EFTPOS (electronic funds transfer at point of sale) machines are secure and simple to use, allowing customers to swipe, insert or tap their cards against a reader for payments.
  • They accept most cards and there are several options to cater for different types of businesses.

Training and support is available for all terminals. How to connect, using the terminal, training new staff or fixing a problem, St.George has experts to help your business get set up efficiently and effectively.


Upgrade the way you take payments, with EFTPOS Now working tirelessly on the counter, at the table, and when you’re out and about.

  • Clear touchscreen display makes adding amounts and selecting features as easy as using a smartphone.
  • Lightweight, yet robust enough to cope with life on the move.
  • Offer email receipts, take tips, and help those with impaired vision with audio prompts and other features.
  • Ideal for: Shops, cafés, market stalls, food trucks, trade businesses and professional practices.

EFTPOS Connect

Integrates with your Point of Sale making check out more convenient and simple for your customers.

  • Wire-free operation pairing between the terminal and base.
  • Backup connectivity options so you can process transactions  even if your primary connection isn’t available.
  • Same day settlement* for faster access to the day’s takings.
  • Ideal for: retail stores and professional offices where transactions are processed in one location.

Important information

* St.George same day settlement is not available between 9:30pm and 11:59pm (EFTPOS 1 terminals) and between 9:30pm and 11:00pm (EFTPOS Now and EFTPOS Connect terminals) - Sydney time. You can only perform a settlement once a day, before 9:30pm (Sydney time). A settlement done after 11:00pm for EFTPOS Now and EFTPOS Connect terminals and after 11:59pm for EFTPOS 1 terminals, will be processed as a settlement for the next day. Subject to system availability, settlement can take place 7 days a week. Settlement must be to an eligible St.George business transaction account. Same day settlement is only available for Mastercard, Visa and eftpos transactions (plus UnionPay if using EFTPOS Connect).