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Balance owing on your credit card account

This means at any time, the difference between all amounts credited and all amounts debited to your card account at that time. When this amount is to be calculated for the end of a day, it includes all debits and credits assigned to that day.


Bank@Post™ is an agency banking service offered at over 3,100 online Australia Post outlets. It allows you to use your credit or debit cards at the post office to undertake a variety of financial transactions including deposits and withdrawals, account balance enquiries and payments for credit card bills.


A sum of money paid by a tenant and held by the Rental Bond Board to protect against losses from non-payment of rent and damage done to the rental property.

Breach of contract

Breaking the conditions of a contract.

Bridging Finance

Finance obtained over a short period, as a "bridge" to long-term funding. Higher interest rates may be charged for bridging finance.


BSB is an acronym for Bank State Branch number. This six-digit number represents your bank and the branch where your account is held. You will need this number when setting up automatic payments such as periodical payments or direct debits between St.George and another party. You can find the BSB on the top right hand side of your account statement or in the "Account Information" section, next to the Account Number listing when you log onto Internet Banking. If you have a chequebook with your account, your account BSB is also printed on each cheque, in between the cheque number and the account number.

Buffer (Margin Lending)

Every investment has risks. Margin Lending is no exception. However, to help protect you from fluctuations in the share market that could result in a margin call the following buffers are currently 'built-in' to the value of your investment:

  • 5% for shares with a gearing ratio of more than 75%
  • 10% for shares with a gearing ratio of 75% or less
  • 10% for managed funds

It is expected that whilst you are in buffer you take action to bring your account back below the appropriate gearing ratio to help manage your risk of being in a margin call.

The Detail

Conditions, fees and credit criteria apply.

This information doesn’t take your circumstances into account. Read the terms before making a decision.

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