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Changing to another St.George credit card

How to apply to change credit cards

To apply, please call us on 133 800 or visit your nearest St.George branch to discuss your options.

If your request is approved, we’ll send you a variation to your credit contract, the terms and conditions relevant to your new card(s), and instructions for how to activate your card.

You have 30 days after you’re approved to activate your new card. You won’t be switched to the new credit card until the primary cardholder activates the new card. When the card is activated, any additional cardholders on the old account prior to the request to switch will also be switched to the new account.

Activating your card will confirm your acceptance of the variation to your credit contract, and the balance of your existing card will be transferred to your new credit card. Your current PIN will still work and your new card account will appear in Online Banking in the next couple of business days.

If you don’t activate your card within 30 days, you won’t be able to use the new card(s) you received and you’ll remain on your old credit card account. You’ll still be able to use your old card(s) and you can re-apply to change your card later. Note that any offers and pricing may then vary if and when you choose to re-apply.

If you’re moving from a rewards card to a non-rewards card, you’ll have 90 days to use your points after your new card is activated. Any fees linked to the anniversary date of your old card will continue to apply until you activate your new card.