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Storm preparation checklist

Storm preparation checklist

Storms can hit at any time, often without warning. Getting prepared well in advance could make all the difference to how you cope before and after the forces of nature hit.

Get your garden in order

If a storm hits, anything can become a potential missile – from garden furniture to the kids’ trampoline. Take a walk around your property and identify anything that would need to be tied down or moved inside should a severe storm hit. If you’re heading away on holiday, make sure you’re prepared should a storm hit while you’re away.

Check the roof

Make a point of checking your roof every year and act on any needed repairs straight away (think broken or cracked tiles). You’ll also need to check inside your roof space to see if there is any damage to the waterproof insulation membrane. If you can see light shining through, there’s a good chance there’s a leak.

You should also check your roof for damage after any major weather events, such as hailstorms.

Clear out gutters and drains

It’s vital you keep gutters and downpipes clear as any overflow caused by a blockage could overflow into the roof. Back on ground level, make sure any drains are kept clear as well – if they’ve been covered up with pot plants (as often happens in courtyards), move them out of the way if heavy rain is on the way.


Strong winds can tear off branches and topple or uproot trees. Are there any potentially dangerous trees near your place? If so, first up you’ll need to check with your local council about any guidelines and necessary consent forms to trim or remove any trees. Once you’ve checked in with council and gotten the permission you need (if any), get a qualified arborist to trim or remove the trees as required.

If a storm is on the way, make sure you park your car away from trees.

Make sure your insurance is up to date

Do you have adequate insurance? Check that you’ve got the appropriate level of cover and that it covers any types of events that could happen in your location. These could include storm water runoffs, flash flooding and damage caused by fallen trees.

Have an emergency kit that’s ready to go

When a storm hits, you might not get a chance to get any emergency supplies together, so the best time to get it sorted is now. Your emergency kit should contain all the necessary items you’d need should power or water supply get cut off, or should you need to evacuate in a hurry. Make sure it’s all stored in a watertight container.

Have a plan – and make sure everyone knows it

Storms move on their own timetable, so there’s a chance not everyone in your household will be together should one hit. Have a plan for how you’ll get in touch and where you can meet up. Just as important – make sure all members of your household know the plan.



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