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How do I activate my business credit or debit card?

If you already have a personal account and are registered for Internet and Mobile Banking, you can activate your new card in four simple steps:

Using Internet Banking

  1. Sign in to Internet Banking using your card/access number, security number and password
  2. Select Manage my accounts
  3. Select Activate new card
  4. Enter the card number and then select Continue

Using Mobile Banking

  1. Sign in to our app
  2. Select Services
  3. Select Activate a card from the My Cards menu
  4. Enter the card number and then select Activate card

What if I’m not registered for personal Internet Banking?

If you're a Business Banking Online customer and you don't have access to personal Internet and Mobile Banking, please call 1300 307 080 to activate your card.

Or if you have an account in your personal name and are happy to access it online, simply register for online banking then activate your card following the steps above.

I’m an additional cardholder. How do I activate my card?

If you’re an Amplify Business or BusinessVantage cardholder, each cardholder will need to activate their own credit card following the steps above.

Anything else I need to do?

Set or change your PIN

You can set a PIN when you activate your card online. To find out how, check out our guide to setting or changing your PIN.

Enhance your card security

Your card is already protected by a range of security measures including 24/7 Fraud Protection. All you need to worry about is signing the back of it.

Consider setting up recurring payments

Recurring payments are a handy way to pay your regular bills such as power, gas and phone automatically from your credit card. They can take the hassle out of remembering when your regular expenses are due, and some companies even offer discounts if you pay by automatic payment.

To set up automatic payments, you’ll need to contact each service provider and supply them with:

  • Your St.George credit card number
  • Credit card expiry date
  • Card verification number - this is the last 3 digits on the back of your Mastercard or Visa.

Some companies offer the facility to provide card details on their websites. However, with others you’ll need to provide them over the phone or in writing.

Manage any previous recurring payments

If you have companies automatically debiting your previous credit card for services such as phone, electricity or rent, you’ll need to let them know your new credit card details. You can do this by giving them a call or checking their websites to see if you can update online.

More for your business

Existing Internet or Mobile Banking customer?

Sign into Internet or Mobile Banking to activate your card. You’ll need your card/access number, security number, password and card details.

New to Internet and Mobile Banking?

Register for Internet or Mobile Banking, then sign in and follow the steps above.

Don’t want to register for Internet or Mobile Banking?

Call to activate your card

1300 307 080