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Enjoy the benefits of both a fixed and a variable interest rate

Our Flexible Choice home loan lets you have your cake and eat it too. When choosing a home loan, one of your major decisions is to take a fixed interest rate or a variable interest rate. With Flexible Choice, you can make part of your loan fixed, and part variable.

How does Flexible Choice work?

Flexible Choice is a split interest rate loan that combines the flexibility of a variable interest rate with the security of a fixed interest rate. Flexible Choice is a combination of up to 2 smaller, separate loan accounts together forming one home loan. You can nominate a portion of your home loan at a fixed interest rate and the remaining at a variable interest rate - just choose the proportion that works for you.

With Flexible Choice, the fixed rate portion of your home loan is protected from increases in interest rates for the fixed rate period. However, if interest rates were to reduce, you will continue to pay the fixed interest rate that you have chosen until the end of your fixed interest rate term. 

You can still make additional payments and benefit from interest offset on the variable rate portion of the loan, which may help you to pay that portion off faster.


The benefits of splitting your home loan

You'll protect yourself against potential interest rate rises by nominating portions of your loan as fixed. And with the remaining portions as variable, you get flexibility that could help you pay off that part of your loan more quickly, particularly if interest rates decrease. 

How to apply

Split your existing home loan
If you’re an existing home loan customer and you’d like to split your home loan, speak to one our home loan experts on 13 33 30.
Apply for a new home loan
When you apply for your new home loan, you can choose for your home loan to have a combination of fixed interest rate and variable interest rate.
Visit a branch
You can also drop by a St.George branch to find out more about splitting your home loan.