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Merchant guides and brochures

The following documents provide information that assists you with the operation of your merchant facility. These can be printed for your reference.

Terms And Conditions

Notice to St.George Merchant Customers

Effective 1 April 2021, changes have been made to the EFTPOS Merchant Agreement Terms and Conditions (“Terms and Conditions”). A summary of these changes is listed below.

What has changed?


Clause Effect of Change

Clause 2

Inserted new definition for Integrated Payment Solution.

Clause 8.3

Amended to state that you will remain liable for Transactions processed prior to any closure of your Merchant Facility.  In the event that there is a Chargeback after your Merchant Facility has closed, we may issue a demand for payment by sending it to the email or postal address as provided by you during the term of the Agreement.  By doing so, this will be deemed sufficient notice.

Clause 19

Amended to include merchant statements as a method of notification when we vary our Agreement with you.

Clause 20.1 (c)

Amended to include merchant statements as a method of communicating with you about your Merchant Facility.

Clause 35.2

Inserted a new subclause for customers who hold an Integrated Payment Solution to limit our liability due to the connection involved between the Integrated Payment Solution and third-party point of sale solution (POS).

Clause 38

Amended our Feedback and Complaints process for us to resolve any concern you have quickly and fairly.


Amended our Direct Debit Request Service Agreement to set out the terms of the agreement on which we accept and act under a Direct Debit Request you give us to debit amounts from your account under the Direct Debit System.

Standalone Terminals

EFTPOS 1 Terminal

Integrated Terminals:

EFTPOS 1i Terminal

EFTPOS Connect