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Card security

Protect yourself against credit card fraud and skimming

What is card fraud and how can it happen?

There are many different forms of card fraud. At its simplest, someone obtains your credit card details and uses them over the phone or on the Internet to make unauthorised purchases in your name.

Your card and PIN details may be illegally obtained through a skimming device concealed on an ATM or implanted within an EFTPOS machine. Once these details are captured, fraudsters attempt to rapidly withdraw all available funds from your account, read more about card skimming.

How to protect yourself

These actions can help prevent fraud on your card:

Card security

  • Sign the back of your card as soon as you receive it using a ball-point pen
  • Carry your card whenever you can, and regularly check that you still have your card
  • Never give your card and or PIN to someone else, even friends or family
  • Remember to retrieve your card whenever you use it
  • Cut up any expired cards and dispose of pieces securely

Transaction security

  • Always check your account statements and contact us straight away if there are any transactions you don’t recognise regardless of the amount
  • Be careful when providing your card details over the phone or Internet. Only shop at reputable online stores, read more about secure online shopping

When to contact us

  • If you will be travelling overseas
  • If you think someone else has used your card, or someone has discovered your PIN or banking passwords
  • If you have identified fraud on your card or have card security concerns
  • If you notice any suspicious objects attached to a St.George ATM, for example a device attached to the card entry slot, or any evidence of tampering
  • You identify suspicious merchant behaviour, for example multiple swipes of your card are taken or the card is removed from sight to process a transaction
  • Immediately report all suspicious card skimming activity or devices on any bank’s ATM to the local police station


This information is to assist you to look after the security of your card and PIN. It does not state the circumstances in which either you or St.George may be responsible for unauthorised transactions on your account.

Where the Electronic Funds Transfer Code of Conduct (Code) applies to you, St.George applies the rules in the Code to determine responsibility for unauthorised electronic transactions on your accounts.

Please refer to the terms and conditions applying to the use of your card for further information.

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