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Fun activities

Handy savings tools for kids

Calculators, tools and other stuff to help you manage your money.

Online Calculators

  • Regular Savings - Calculate how much you can save when you set money aside regularly.
  • Planned Savings - Calculate how much savings you need to set aside to reach your goal within a specific timeframe.
  • Savings Simulator - Calculate and graph your future savings including interest earned.

Activity sheets to help you manage your money

  • Savings Goal Tracker - Stay focused on achieving your savings goal with this fun Savings Goal Tracker where you can be reminded of what you are saving for and watch your progress.
  • Kids’ Pocket Money Job Sheet - Use this to track your jobs and how much pocket money you will earn.
  • Kids Budget Planner - Even with small amounts, learning to think about your income and expenses is the first step to successful money management

Other useful information