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Fraud and Security tips for Merchants

Simple tips to help you detect and prevent fraud in your business.

Fraud is on the rise and you’re the first line of defence to safeguard your business. Here are some tips to help keep your business safe.

How can I keep my business safe from fraud?

  1. Follow the rules. Always stick to the terms of your merchant agreement and the rules set out by each of the card schemes.
  2. Only process genuine cardholders. Make sure a payment is made by the rightful cardholder. An authorisation will not guarantee payment if it is not made by the genuine cardholder. We recommend taking steps to validate the identity of the cardholder where possible.
  3. Minimise chargebacks. Be aware of how and why chargebacks may occur to help minimise risk.
  4. Refund right. Only process refunds to the card that the initial sale was made on to protect yourself from refund scams.
  5. Protect targeted goods. Be careful handing over or shipping goods such as electrical goods, jewellery and gift cards as they may be an easier resale for fraudsters.
  6. Keep data secure. It is your responsibility to ensure your customers’ payment details remain safe and secure. Learn more at Your Guide to the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCIDSS)
  7. Be scam aware. Keep up with the types of scams that could impact your business by registering with Scam Watch and the Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC).

What are the types of fraud?

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