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SMS and email alerts

Maintain control of your accounts with SMS and Email Alerts or mobile notifications. 

SMS and Email Alerts and mobile notifications easily allow you to proactively monitor your accounts 24/71. You can request specific information on account balances, deposits and withdrawals to be sent to you automatically via SMS and email. If you have the Mobile Banking app, you can receive alerts via notification to your mobile device. 

  • Be notified of suspicious activity
  • Easily set up notifications to control what information you receive and when
  • Set alerts to tell you when a deposit has cleared, your credit card has reached a particular limit and more.


Choose from 7 different types of alerts:

Alert type

Useful for

Balance Alerts

Manage your everyday banking. Get the available balance on your nominated account at the beginning of the day.

Withdrawal or Authorisation Alerts

Choose the Withdrawal Alert to enjoy peace of mind knowing your direct debits or loan repayments have been made. Choose the Authorisation Alert to keep a step ahead of fraudsters. Be notified of each new credit or debit card authorisation.

Deposit Alerts

Keep track of your salary payment or other direct credits.

High Balance Alerts

Don’t max out your credit card. Be informed when your balance reaches a pre-determined limit.

Dishonour Alerts

Get notified when an account has been overdrawn by a cheque, direct debit or periodical payment.

Low Balance Alerts

Avoid overdrawing your account. Receive alerts when your balance reaches a pre-determined limit.

Credit Card Reminder Alert

Avoid late payment fees and get notified before your monthly credit card payment is due2. Set-up reminders to receive alerts for either minimum payment or full payment before your monthly credit card payment is due. 


How to set up your alerts

Setting up your alerts is easy:

Internet Banking:

  • Logon to Internet Banking
  • Click 'Security, SMS & Email Alerts' and follow the prompts.

Mobile / Tablet Banking:

  • Logon to Mobile / Tablet Banking
  • Tap on 'Services' (bell) icon, "Your Accounts" and then 'SMS & Email Alerts' and follow the prompts.

Got questions?

Read our Managing accounts FAQs

Important Information

Before using Internet and Phone Banking, please read the St.George Bank Terms and Conditions for Internet Banking and Phone Banking.

1Subject to system maintenance and availability.

2Credit Card payment reminder alerts will not be sent for overdue accounts