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How to apply

Interested in applying for a new St.George credit card?

This article offers a quick overview of what's involved in the application process - so you can get prepared, and ensure the experience is as easy and straightforward as possible.

  • Before applying for any credit card, it's obviously important to choose one that meets your unique needs and lifestyle.

    When choosing a credit card, you may wish to consider:

    • How many credit cards you need or wish to be attached to the account
    • How much you earn every month (some of our credit cards have a required minimum income)
    • Whether or not you are prepared to pay a higher annual fee, in exchange for having a rewards card
    • Whether or not you will be transferring an existing, non-St.George credit card balance across to this card
    • Whether or not the idea of complimentary ravel insurance is important to you.

    Still unsure? You can actually compare St.George's range of personal credit cards here.

    Or, if you have any questions about any of the features of our credit cards, you can also call us on 13 33 30. We're happy to help.

  • Once you've decided which card you would like to apply for, it's wise to gather some key details together before you start the process. This will make the overall application run quickly and smoothly.

    You will need:

    • Your driver's licence number (if any) for each applicant
    • Weekly income (after tax) details for each applicant
    • Details of your assets, savings or investments
    • The repayment amounts and balances owing on any liabilities that you may have (including other credit cards, store accounts, etc.).

    If you are self-employed, you will also need recent tax information.

  • When you're ready, you can then get started. There are three ways to do so:

    • Apply online here.
    • Visit a branch.
    • Call St.George on 13 33 30. Our team can fill in the form on your behalf, over the phone.

    Before you actually begin filling out your application form, you will be asked to:

    • Select the card that you feel best meets your needs
    • Read St.George's Credit Cards Key Fact Sheet (a high level summary of all of the important features of your card)
    • Acknowledge that you're over 18 and a permanent Australian resident
    • Select whether you are an existing St.George customer or not.
  • Yes. Existing St.George credit card customers can request a balance transfer from another store, charge or non St.George credit card to their existing St.George credit card account.

    You can make as many balance transfers as you wish from another store or credit card to your St.George credit card provided you meet the minimum requirements for balance transfers.

    To apply to transfer a balance to your existing St.George credit card, simply complete the balance transfer request form and send it back to us.

    You can also request a balance transfer through Internet Banking. Once logged in, select "Transfer & payments" and then select "Pay out a credit card held with another bank." You can also arrange this over the phone by calling 1300 784 934.

  • Once we have received your information, St.George will evaluate your financial position - and assess whether or not we feel you'd be able to meet our lending criteria and your financial obligations under the card contract.

    While every application is different and is considered on its own merits, we consider factors such as:

    • Your employment type and history
    • Your credit report (held with an independent credit reporting agency), which contains a record of your financial history
    • Any previous/current account history you have with us
    • Whether or not, considering these and other factors, you're able to service the credit card based on your overall financial position.

    What happens if you are approved:

    If your application is approved, you will usually receive your new card in the mail. Please note that we may ask that you collect your card in a branch if we need to confirm details such as your income or identification. If this is the case, you will be notified.

    What happens if you are denied:

    If your application is declined, it is usually because of one or more of the following reasons:

    • Information on your personal credit report (which is held with a credit reporting agency - either Veda Advantage or Dun & Bradstreet)
    • Your lending history with St.George (e.g. past or current accounts that have been overdrawn or out of order)
    • In considering your overall financial position, there was concern you couldn't afford this product at this time (we're legally obliged to ensure you're able to afford the products you apply for without substantial hardship)
    • You are not over 18 years of age, which is a legal requirement of being a credit card account holder
    • You are not an Australian Permanent Resident, or you haven't met your overseas applicant criteria.

    We will let you know if we've declined your application wholly or in part because of your credit report. If you like, you can contact the agency directly to obtain a copy of your report (free if delivered within 10 working days, or for a fee if you need it sooner).

    Just have your identification details ready and contact:

    • Visit Veda Advantage or call their Public Enquiries on 1300 762 207.
    • Visit Dun & Bradstreet or call their Public Access Centre on 13 23 33.
  • Once you have received your card, you will need to activate it before you can use it. Doing so is easy. Just have your credit card details on hand and it'll be ready to go in minutes.

    You can activate your card in one of two ways:

    • Internet Banking - via, if you have already registered for internet banking.
    • Over the phone or with telephone banking. Simply give us a call any time on 13 33 30 or activate your card with telephone banking.

    Please note: you won't be able to activate your card until the primary cardholder (the person who opened the card account with us) has activated their card.

    Adding an additional cardholder

    An additional credit card can be issued on the primary cardholder's credit card account to any nominated person 16 years or over. All transactions using the additional credit card are the responsibility of the primary cardholder.

Still have questions?

Please feel free to call us on 13 33 30.

If you'd like us to look at your application again, then we'll ask you to give us some extra information we don't already know.

If you feel your situation has changed (e.g. you can show records of additional income, or reduced debt) and you would like to apply again in a few months, we would be happy to review your new application.

Important information

It's important to read the detail about the conditions and any fees or charges that apply to any financial product before you decide to apply for it. Check the eligibility criteria too. Ask the product issuer for a copy of these. Credit criteria apply to approval of credit products.

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